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  • Application test program for software test methods
Application test program for software test methods

Application test program for software test methods

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  • [Project 5541]Application test program for software test methods
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The rapid development of the computer industry, there are countless problems in various software, the operation and maintenance of software testing is an urgent problem to be solved. At this time, software testing work came into being. This paper mainly analyzes and studies software testing from software testing methods. The middle involves software development history, software testing related knowledge, software testing methods, and test cases.
The representative work of this paper is mainly in the following aspects:
1) This article explains the basic concepts used in the software testing method, which is very helpful for beginners and lays a good foundation for learning software testing in the future.
2) This paper analyzes the methods of software testing, and explains the methods used by the company's commonly used tests. These methods are summarized.
3) In this paper, embedded test and automated test, which are research directions with research directions, are also mentioned. I hope that they can be recognized and supported by readers.
4) List the practical examples of black box testing and white box testing, and analyze the three major documents: test plan, test case, and test report.

Key words software test, black box test, white box test, method application

table of Contents:
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Software Testing and Related Background 1
1.2 Development and research status of software testing 2
2 Concepts and basic principles of software testing 4
2.1 Basic concepts of software testing 4
2.1.1 Meaning of software testing 4
2.1.2 Software Development Process 4
2.1.3 Purpose of software testing 4
2.1.4 Contents of software testing 5
2.2 Principles of Software Testing 5
3 Software Testing Methods 6
3.1 Classification of software tests 6
3.2 Terms of Software Testing 6
3.3 Software Testing Method 8
3.4 Embedded Testing 9
3.5 Automated Testing 11
4 Tools commonly used in software testing 13
5 Application of test cases in software test methods 14
5.1 Test Plan Analysis 13
5.1.1 Test plan for white box test 13
5.1.2 Test plan for black box test 13
5.2 White Box Test Case Study 15
5.2.1 Flow chart of white box test 15
5.2.2 Effective test cases for white box testing 16
5.2.3 Invalid test case for white box test 17
5.3 Case Study of Black Box Testing 20
5.3.1 Functional Testing 20
5.3.2 Performance Test 26
5.3.3 Compatibility Test 26
5.4 Analysis of test reports 27
5.4.1 Report Analysis of White Box Testing 27
5.4.2 Report Analysis of Black Box Testing 28
5.5 General review of the test 28
Conclusion 30
Acknowledgements 31
References 32
Appendix 33

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