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Company profile

Company profile

【gususoft】The company is mainly engaged in software development, a mathematical calculation, modeling and simulation, the algorithm design of Matlab business, mainly in the statistical analysis, neural network, intelligent optimization, support vector machine, programming simulation service pattern recognition, regression prediction, mathematical modeling and GUI interface design, and provide the experimental subject, the complete set, the project for you the. The company's main personal projects, school projects, corporate projects Statistical analysis, hypothesis test, discr...


Our service advantage

The team is engaged in MATLAB simulation work for 10 years, engaged in the development of FPGA system for more than 8 years. The main to the professional problems to solve all kinds of algorithm simulation, modeling, communication, image processing, MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation technology in all kinds of projects provide services solutions for enterprises, provide support for the simulation of MATLAB algorithm in university research, provide all kinds of algorith...



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