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The team is engaged in MATLAB simulation work for 10 years, engaged in the development of FPGA system for more than 8 years. The main to the professional problems to solve all kinds of algorithm simulation, modeling, communication, image processing, MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation technology in all kinds of projects provide services solutions for enterprises, provide support for the simulation of MATLAB algorithm in university research, provide all kinds of algorithm simulation scheme for individual customers. Since the establishment of the team for more than 10 years, has the ability to undertake all kinds of cutting-edge topics, new technology topics, algorithms and innovative topics, high-speed algorithm MATLAB simulation and FPGA hardware implementation.

The company's main personal projects, school projects, corporate projects
Statistical analysis, hypothesis test, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis
[neural network] BP, RBF, Hopfield, ELM neural network, fuzzy neural network, wavelet neural network
Support vector machine (SVM), fuzzy, twin, fuzzy twin, least squares, hyper sphere support vector machine
[intelligent optimization] genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, fruit fly algorithm, bee colony algorithm, ant colony optimization, simulated annealing
Mathematical modeling, mathematical modeling, mathematical modeling, fuzzy modeling
Pattern recognition face recognition, fingerprint recognition, license plate recognition, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, Chinese painting recognition
Prediction of financial time series and wind power forecasting
Signal processing wavelet signal, digital signal, statistical signal, adaptive signal, speech signal processing
[GUI interface] a variety of functional procedures GUI interface design
Data mining, text mining, network intrusion detection, time series singular point detection
[Matlab and VC] MATLAB and VC++ mixed programming interface, etc.
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